Sinking to the Bottom of Google Sea? High-Quality Written Content is Your Lifeline

Did you know Google does everything for your website except conversion?

Writing is a fancy job, and everyone can write, right? Unfortunately, not all of us can spin out irresistible, persuasive, and engaging writing. However, this is the stuff writing content for marketing is all about. In digisphere, it is what determines the success or failure of your business.

But did you know Google does everything for your website except conversion? That aspect of your business hinges on how informative, engaging, and persuasive your content; specifically, the written content is — and this is precisely where most businesses lose their bearing. Instead of stepping up the rungs of SERPS (search engine ranking pages), they dive to the bottom of Google Anonymous Sea! Why? Because that is what this blog post is out to show you.

Let’s Look at Why Content Marketing is Healthy for Your Business

Of course, all types of content be they Gifs, graphic illustrations, memes, videos, or writing play crucial roles in enhancing the presence of your business online. But written content does a lot more. Writing acts as a light-bulb to moths — it draws traffic to your website or social media account. After all who hates reading flowing prose?

There is a catch though. Are you able to produce beautiful prose that can attract and hold attention? You need a distinctive writing style and tone people cannot resist. This can make all the difference between your business being noticed or being pushed into oblivion online. Don’t fret about how the hell am I gonna do that? Why do you think professional writers were invented? They are there to help you,

Amplify Your Brand by Creating Awareness

Customers need to climb over to your side of the fence

Business is the consumer, so if your consumers are hanging out on the other side of the fence, you are most probably missing out on what they have for your business. You need to swing ladders over to them so that they can climb over to your side of the fence. Newsletters, social media posts, videos, blogs, Gifs, etc. will do the trick. Don’t allow yourself to be swallowed up by the crowd. Step up the ladder of content and pull up your customers with you.

Instead of sinking into dark obscurity, you will stand out prominently like neon signs blazing on a nightclub. There are only three rules for creating brand awareness — engage, engage, and then engage again.

Content Marketing Gives Your Business a Firm Footing

Regular content posting does more than amplifying your brand. It convinces people you can pull out solutions to their problems out of nowhere just like going “Abracadabra, yay,” and the perfect solution appears!

Engaging Content Boosts SEO

Web visibility depends on the kind of relationships you cultivate with your audiences. It is what makes you shine out like a searchlight beam. The light source must be powered by people singing your praises. However, there is no magic wand for building customer loyalty other than offering exceptional customer experience and satisfaction.

Superb content increases your authority, sends multitudes to your website, and magnifies your brand. This in turn improves conversion, yields more sales, nurtures customer loyalty, and puts you ahead of the herd. SEO does not auto-pilot. It is content that drives it.

The Spices Sweetening Shares

In digital marketing beautiful content is the spice that makes sharing on social platforms sweet.

For delicious food, you need spices to sweeten the stew. In digital marketing beautiful content is the spice that makes sharing on social platforms sweet. There is no disputing that good content always goes viral on social media. When headlines grab people’s attention, they click to read, and if they enjoy what they have read, the natural inclination is always to share. Just keep it interesting and they will click, read, and share.

Customer Retention and Loyalty

Loyal customers do a lot of word-of-mouth marketing for you without your authorization; and minus any extra cost to your business. Talk of bringing down 3 birds with a single shot!

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